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This is the official site of the Gold Frame Books. These are romance novels in several genre. If you like paranormal romance books, I have some here. Paranormal romance series, too. and soon, some Regency romance books. Always a work in progress. Come in and enjoy what I have so far.

I write under the name A K Stein in honor of my great grandmother. You'll find my books on Amazon under this name.

I have 3 special causes I donate to I  have written about toward the bottom of this page. 

I have this flag here to support our troops. Good luck, guys and gals. My prayers are with you.

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Hey, guys! Welcome!

I hope this web site is as much fun for you as it is for me putting it together for you. I’m having a blast with my writing and am enjoying letting you know about it all here.

Here for your entertainment, I have a page each for the different genre I like to write in, listing all the books I’ve written so far, science fiction novels, fantasy and regency romance novels. They’re coming. I have them all outlined.

I have special links listed here, too. Special web sites you might like to visit. They’re very helpful web sites. I’ll be adding to that list as I find others.

So come on in. Pick a page you like and see what you think. Hope you enjoy what’s here as much as I have enjoyed creating it all for you.

If you have any questions, you can email me here:

A Brief Author Bio.
Anna Kathryn Peck (nee Bir) (alias AK Stein) emerged into the world in 1948 (which makes her 39 now) a serene creature, giving as little trouble as possible. This event became known to her following siblings only, of course, after they were born. Upon investigation, they discovered her birth came within a reasonable allotted number of months after the crash of the spaceship near Roswell, New Mexico. 

Even though Ms. Peck was born in Indiana, (where she resides still) because of her unusual complacence in being solitary so she can write, and because of the kinds of stories she chooses to write, her siblings came to the conclusion that she was ‘one of them’. Ms. Peck has lived under this misapprehension ever since. With no hope of convincing them otherwise.
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Michael R. Hicks
Best selling Amazon author of the In Her Name science fiction/fantasy series and other novels.

Special links:

If you're looking for a really good spiritual medium, then go to Her name is Callen Wilder. She's done this kind of work for nearly fifty years and she is good. She identified my grandmother without any information from me. I was astonished. She does wonderful astrology charts for you, too. Go to her site and see what all she does do. You'll be pleased.

This is the only non fiction book I have written so far. You can find it on Calleen's website and over on Amazon.  Just click on the image to order.

Back in 1999, two women came together for an appointment, and came away with something truly amazing!

Here is another website I like to visit. It's all about robots and how they are improving our lives.
Robot Aficionado

My personal logo. Pakua-Cross
You will see this on all my other websites, also.

My Causes.
I have 3 causes I donate to. One is the Wounded Warriors program. Another is Shriner's Children’s Hospital. These two are well known so I won’t go into them here. But there is one special cause I’d like to talk about.

There is no organization for this cause, but there is a very real need for one. I don’t know if our government has anything in mind for this, but every city in our nation has this problem. The problem I’m talking about is of people who ‘slip through the cracks’. What I mean is there are people, families, who make just a little too much money to qualify for government help, but not enough to pay their bills and feed their families at the same time. Or even to feed themselves at the same time if they have no family to worry about.

There is a dilemma in our country, the United States of America, that I’m sure all of you have experienced. That dilemma is: the cost of living has risen over the last 50 or so years faster than people’s wages. Way too many of our citizens are fighting a losing battle. Their wages can’t keep pace with their bills.

Now I’m not talking about luxury bills. I’m talking about regular, necessary bills like utilities, auto payments, insurance and medical, and grocery bills. House payments. People need these services to survive. And some people’s wages are inadequate to the point where they even lose their homes. I know this from my own experience. I lost my home, too.

My own experience is what put the seed of this idea in my head. I tithe. But instead of putting my money into programs that have so much red tape for people to go through, I go directly to the utility companies here in town and ask them to choose a family’s bill that’s overdue and I pay it. Or if the bill is more than I have to give, I put my donation toward it.

I don’t make enough money to pay every needy person’s bills, or even all of one family’s bills, so I pick one family and only one of the bills. It’s not much but it’s something.

This is one reason why I put up my website here. One reason is, of course, to sell my books, but my second reason is to let everyone know about this dilemma that exists here in our country. I know that most people already know about it but some people don’t. I’m just mentioning it here to let all of you know that a portion of my earnings here are going toward this. I will continue to do as I have been for the families in need and I thank all of you for helping me do this.
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